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Test your fire drill or emergency evacuation alarm today!

by , 23 January 2017
Test your fire drill or emergency evacuation alarm today!There's been a spate of office fires and entire warehouses burning down lately. Luckily, thanks to fast-working rescue teams, there've been very few injuries from these fires as employees have been evacuated quickly. If this happens at your office, will you be able to evacuate your staff efficiently? Here's how to ensure employees respond quickly when your emergency evacuation alarm sounds...


You're legally required to protect your staff from fire hazards...

Did you know: Fire drills and evacuation plans must be implemented?

Discover what you need to do to keep your employees safe in case of fire emergencies...

Would you be able to prevent injuries and protect your employees' health and safety if a fire broke out in your workplace too?
Practice your company fire drill regularly so employees evacuate the building faster!
You need to have a fire drill policy in place .
Regular fire drill practices are the best way to ensure employees will be evacuated unharmed if a fire breaks out.
You'll need to hold emergency evacuation drills at least once every three months. 
This way, the evacuation procedure is top of mind for existing employees and doesn't come as a nasty surprise to new staff members if a fire does break out in the office.
For the evacuation drills to be effective, you'll need to make sure you have a loud and operational emergency evacuation alarm, says the Health and Safety Advisor

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Five basic requirements for your emergency evacuation alarm
1. The emergency evacuation alarm must be easy to operate and all employees should be taught how to use it.
2. All emergency evacuation alarms must be audible and every person on your premises must be able to hear it, even in the remote parts of your business such as your underground parking bays.
3. If you have deaf employees, you'll need to ensure you also have flashing lights to indicate emergencies.
4. Test your emergency evacuation alarms regularly to make sure they'll work when there's an emergency.
5. You must have a back-up emergency evacuation alarm that uses a different energy source in case your main alarm doesn't work.
Netlawman adds that once the fire drill is over, you need to record the fire drill and any related information to ensure compliance with South African fire safety law.
So schedule your next fire drill to test your emergency evacuation alarm today – you'll be glad you did ifa fire breaks out.

Turn to your Health and Safety Training Manual to find out more about emergency evacuations procedures 

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