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The DoL has shut down businesses for incomplete health and safety systems... Don't let this happen to you!

by , 30 July 2013
One of the many complaints I hear from our subscribers is they really want to do what's best for the health and safety of their company, and their employees, but they don't always know exactly how.
Sometimes, the problem is just beginning. Once you've got the ball rolling, you feel pretty confident that you have a grasp on all the important issues.


Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

As an employer, by law you have to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. This includes identifying hazards, removing hazards, reducing hazards that can't be removed, managing hazards and making sure you keep records.
We'll give you 1000 point checklist, sample forms and templates, and step-by-step actionable advice to make this onerous task a simple one. We'll make sure you manage your hazards 100% by the book with this one tool.


Have you ever been in this situation?

You start a new company importing and exporting out of South Africa. You're pleased because you can afford to employ a staff of 100 people! But, you've been operational for almost three months and you know that you haven't got your health and safety system in place. You know that if you pass the three month mark, and the Department of Labour discovers you have nothing in place, it will close you down!

But where do you start? And what do you include?

Any safety officer worth his salt knows the first step to implementing health and safety in the workplace is to conduct a risk assessment to identify hazards. Luckily, you've already done this. You now want to formulate your system objectives and targets, but are unsure how to begin. And what if you miss something? The Department of Labour has shut people down for incomplete health and safety systems. You don't want the same to happen to you!

Do you have all 29 essential health and safety inspection checklists?
Your inspection checklist is your first step towards full compliance. Without it, your health and safety policy won't be legally compliant.
You have your health and safety policy drawn up, but how often do you check that your employees comply? The easiest way is to have a set of inspection checklists you can use each time you need to check that your safety measures meet the requirements of your risk assessment.
Find out more here


Your 19 steps to complete your own comprehensive health and safety system

Here at FSP, in collaboration with one of our 16 health and safety experts, we've put together everything you'll need to draw up your own health and safety system, in one complete file for only R1 599 (excluding Vat). 19 tabs will point you in the direction of absolute compliance. You'll be able to begin your system from scratch, without the fear that you've forgot an important step. 
Included in the file, you'll have:
  • An easily-accessible record of your safety measures
  • The tools you've put in place to monitor their success
  • A record of every appointment you've made
  • Your own set of standards against which you'll measure your own system
Wouldn't it be easier to just pay a consultant to do it?

Not necessarily – a consultant would provide you with the same forms we offer, and at almost twice the price.  On average, consultants in the industry are charging between R6 000 and R8 000. Essentially, you'll be paying someone else to do what you can do on your own, for just as little hassle, for almost twice the price!

Get your health and safety system up to scratch, with this easy tool.



Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher


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The DoL has shut down businesses for incomplete health and safety systems... Don't let this happen to you!
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