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The DoL inspector's at your door! Have you done these four things to prepare for his visit?

by , 06 October 2014
If you get a knock at your door and open it to find a DoL inspector, it could mean serious problems for your company.

If the inspector finds out you haven't complied with health and safety laws he'll charge you with serious penalties.

Luckily, avoiding these penalties is easy.

All you need to do is prepare these four things before he arrives at your door...


Prepare for the DoL's visit before it happens by preparing these four things

1. Prepare your health and safety documents
The inspector will want to check all your health and safety documents. You need to have all of these ready in your HSE file. You need to have to have your:
- Health and safety plan;
- Health and safety policy;
- Health and safety procedures manual;
- Training certificates;
- Appointment letters; and
- Risk registers from your risk assessments.
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2. Fix up your equipment
Keep your equipment in good, safe working condition. If it isn't, repair it. This is important because the DoL inspector will check to see if your employees work in a safe environment. Your equipment must be in good condition for your workplace to pass this test.
3. Make all your relevant health and safety appointments
You must appoint all the relevant people to the necessary health and safety positions. To prove this, keep a copy of their appointment letter.
4. Train all your employees
Give your employees the relevant health and safety training so they know how to protect themselves. You must keep training registers and certificates to prove you did this.
Prepare these four things so you can let the DoL inspector into your business without any hesitation. 

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The DoL inspector's at your door! Have you done these four things to prepare for his visit?
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