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The DoL will check the following when doing inspections in your workplace

by , 31 January 2014
The Department of Labour (DoL) regularly conducts inspections to check your level of compliance with safety laws. Read on to find out what the inspectors will look for when they pay you a visit.

Be warned! Inspectors of the DoL will visit your workplace to check whether or not you're complying with legislations.

What will they be checking?

The following are some of the aspects DoL inspectors will be checking when conducting inspections

The DoL will ask the following questions:

  1. Are you registered with the Compensation Fund?
  2. Are you registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund?
  3. Do you have a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the relevant Regulations on the premises and are the Act and the Regulations available to the workers if they want to read them?
  4. Do you display the Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act?
  5. Do you display the Summary of the Employment Equity Act?
  6. Have you appointed Health and Safety Officers?
  7. Have you established Health and Safety Committees in your workplace?
  8. Are you and your workers trained to recognise health and safety problems?
  9. Do you have fully equipped first aid boxes on the premises?
  10. Are all electrical wires insulated and proper plugs used in your workplace?
  11. Do you report injuries at work to the Department of Labour?
  12. Do you have clean and hygienic toilets and washing facilities provided for males and females?
  13. Do you have an attendance register for your workplace?

The Health & Safety Advisor says 'if you answered NO to any of the above, you have to rectify immediately.'

Remember that health and safety is an ongoing process. Make sure your workers report unsafe and unhealthy conditions to you or their health and safety officer.

Now that you know what the DoL looks for when doing inspections, make sure you comply.

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The DoL will check the following when doing inspections in your workplace
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