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The five requirements your health and safety policy MUST fulfil to be legally compliant

by , 28 October 2014
To create legally compliant health and safety in your company, you need a health and safety policy. This is how you enforce the rules and regulations within your company so your employees follow them.

But your health and safety policy must fulfill the right requirements to be effective.

Here are five requirements your policy must fulfil to ensure it does its job...


These are the five requirements an effective health and safety policy must fulfil

It must:
1. Be in a written form. It won't help if your policy is a verbal agreement with your employees. You can't enforce the rules without a written policy.
2. Describe the nature and extent of your business. Outline the kind of business you run because this affects the kind of health and safety rules you must enforce.
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3. State your intention to comply with all the legislation that applies to your industry and company. This frames the purpose of the policy so you and your employees know exactly what it's for.
4. State your intention to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your employees to work in. In your intention, include your rules for creating this safe working environment.
5. State when and how you'll review the policy. If you don't have this in your policy, include a supporting document stating when and how you'll review your health and safety management system including your policy.
If your health and safety policy fulfils these five requirements, you can rest assured that it's effective and legally compliant.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on how to create a health and safety policy. 

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The five requirements your health and safety policy MUST fulfil to be legally compliant
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