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The latest updates to the OHS explosives management laws

by , 29 July 2014
If your employees work with explosives, they're in constant danger. You must ensure your health and safety precautions prevent any accidents.

But it's not enough to try use safety equipment to prevent these accidents. You need to ensure the person in charge knows what he's doing.

This is why there are possible law updates around the health and safety responsibilities of explosive managers in the pipelines...

Here are your explosives manager's responsibilities 

Your explosives manager, just like any manager, must ensure your employees do their jobs right. But they also need to ensure they do the work safely.
Explosives are one of those things your employees can't afford to mess around with.
Your explosives manager is, therefore, in charge of keeping your employees in line. He must do everything he can to reduce the risks your employees face. 
This is why there are proposed changes to OHS regulations around the explosives manager position. These changes will outline exactly what these managers must do.
Here's what your explosives managers duties are according to this latest law update...
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Here's what this law update says about your explosives manager's duties

According to this new health and safety law update: 
- Your employees mustn't do anything without your explosives manager's permission.
- Your explosives manager must be competent and certificated.
- Your explosives manager must know about human resource issues. He must also understand psychological aspects that may affect their performance.
- Your explosives managers must understand health and safety issues involved with this work.
To ensure your explosives mangers fulfils these requirements, you must:
1. Check his qualifications and experiences before you hire him and give him thorough training;
2. Tell him about human resource issues;
3. Get him to meet with a counselor to talk through the psychological effects of his new position; and
4. Discuss the health and safety issues with him to ensure he understands them.
If you do this you can be sure your explosives manager complies with the new law updates. 
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The latest updates to the OHS explosives management laws
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