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The only way to prevent a health and safety disaster like the Boston Marathon bomb tragedy in your workplace...

by , 16 April 2013
A marathon's usually a celebration of health, but yesterday's Boston Marathon became a health and safety disaster. Hundreds of runners ran for their lives after two bomb blasts killed three and injured at least 140 people at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday. A White House official said the act would be handled as an "act of terror." Here's how to prevent a similar tragedy in your workplace by making sure your emergency preparedness response plan clearly shows employees how to evacuate the building in case of a bomb threat.

Two bombs exploded in the crowded streets near the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.

This resulted in many deaths and amputations, with people now told to stay out of the city as the FBI has taken over the investigation into the blasts, says The Sydney Morning Herald.
The sad truth is, a bomb scare can happen anywhere – even in your business.
That's why emergency evacuation planning is such an essential part of preventing injuries and ensuring the safety of your employees in emergency situations like a bomb threat.
Three ways to prepare your employees for a bomb threat
And it's your duty as an employer to identify all possible emergency situations like bomb threats and prepare for dealing with these emergencies to make sure all employees know what to do by:
1. Providing clear instructions and information;
2. Holding regular practice emergency drills; and
3. Conducting regular inspections of emergency equipment and escape routes, says Kerusha Narothan, Managing Editor of The Health and Safety Advisor on FSP Business.
Then, you'll need to make sure your employees understand exactly what to do in different types of evacuation procedures. 
For example, if there's danger inside the building as in the case of a bomb threat, you'll have to get employees moved out of the building as fast as possible.
Here's how to get the most from your bomb threat emergency drills to ensure your employees' health and safety
This means you'll need to make sure your employees know which alarm means to stay in the building at their desks, and which one means they need to evacuate the building as soon as possible, if there's a bomb threat.
The best way to do so is to practice emergency drills every six months to ensure all employees understand the procedures and drill, says eHow
The drills and practice sessions must be taken seriously and all employees must participate.
You must arrange a debriefing session after every drill to review its success and to discuss any shortfalls so the next drill runs more smoothly, says The Health and Safety Advisor.
It's the only way to ensure your employees' health and safety under a bomb threat.

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The only way to prevent a health and safety disaster like the Boston Marathon bomb tragedy in your workplace...
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