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The Safety at Sport and Recreation Events Act of 2010 may soon be in effect

by , 23 June 2014
The government hasn't implemented this Act yet, however, they may do so soon. The government drew up this Act in 2010 but since then it's been in regulation form.

Ms Tseke, a member of parliament, has scolded government for not implementing the Act sooner.
But it seems now maybe the time government finally unleashes this Act.

But what does this mean for you if you want to build or use a stadium?

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Here's how the Safety at Sport and Recreation Events Act may affect your stadium dreams

To start with, the Act will enforce the need for safety certificates. You can get these from a local authority. You'll need it for an existing stadium, plans for a new one and any alterations for a new one. 
If you want to build that new stadium, you'll need to get your hands on this certificate three months before you start building.
You also have to comply with security and safety regulations, building legislations and building design safety guidelines. You'll also need to ensure you comply with the existing construction regulations. 
The important point to remember is this Act doesn't just effect the building of new stadiums. It affects the use or maintenances of existing ones too. So if you want to host your own soccer tournament you'll need to ensure the stadium you want to use complies with safety regulations. 
You'll also need to submit a planned schedule for all your upcoming events to the national commissioner. This is so the commissioner can correctly categories the kinds of safety and security risks that'll be involved.
You can find the full Safety at Sport and Recreation Events Act online for more information. So ensure you know the rules before you start building. 
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The Safety at Sport and Recreation Events Act of 2010 may soon be in effect
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