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The two smoking signs your business must put up today to comply with local smoking laws!

by , 02 April 2013
In the US, a new batch of anti-smoking ads has gone up on billboards across the country, but some say the images are too sensational. Luckily, you only need to put up two specific 'smoking' signs to comply with local smoking laws and prevent a hefty fine from the Department of Labour, if you haven't taken the step to ban smoking in your workplace...

Ah, smoking.
Many wish the habit would die out as it chews up money, as well as productivity in the office. 
Sin taxes went up this week, with smokers now coughing up almost R2 more per pack of 20 cigarettes, reports FSP Invest.
It's a bid to cut down on smoking.
And across the globe, the move to stop smoking is picking up speed, with anti-smoking TV ads in the US now so graphic or sensational that some change the channel when they're on, writes The Independent Florida Alligator
But as an employer, you're still legally obligated to provide a designated smoking area to your smoking employees if you decide to allow smoking and include a mention of this in your company policy.

Then, you'll need to make sure you provided designated smoking areas. 
Use a sign to clearly show your designated smoking area
Under the Tobacco Products Control Act, you need to make sure you have clearly designated smoking areas for employees in your workplace if you allow smoking, says FSP Business
And you must have a 'smoking area' sign at the entrance to your designated smoking area.
This sign must be in black letters against a white background only and be at least 2cm in height and 1.5cm in breadth, explains FSP Business.
Then, in order to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, you need to make sure you still show your employees that smoking can harm their health.
You don't have to resort to sensational or graphic images like those used in the US to do so.
Use this sign to make your employees aware that smoking can harm their health!
All you need is a message on display in your designated smoking area that states: 'Smoking of tobacco products is harmful to your health and to the health of children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and non-smokers. For help to quit, phone (011) 720 3145.' 
This message must be displayed at the entrance to the designated smoking area, written in black letters, at least 2cm in height, 1.5cm in breadth, on a white background, says The Health and Safety Bulletin.
Make sure you have these signs up today to avoid a hefty fine from the Department of Labour if it knocks on your door for an inspection and you allow smoking in your workplace.

To find out more about your smoking obligations, turn to your Health and Safety Advisor

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The two smoking signs your business must put up today to comply with local smoking laws!
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