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Think there's 'no harm' in skipping safety audits? Consider this...

by , 30 April 2015
Regular safety audits don't allow your existing safety processes to wear away with time.

They help you amend your policies as and when new risks and processes arise. And keep them up-to-date.

So why do so many think there's no harm in skipping them?

Read on for some hard-hitting facts that'll get you thinking about how important it really is to conduct regular safety audits...

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Some shocking risk audit statistics

  • Over 230 000 workplace accidents and 10 000 diseases are reported to the DoL every year;
  • In two out of three cases, these employees had to miss work for four days or longer to recover; and
  • The impact of all this on the economy comes to over R30 billion in lost revenue per year!
And that's just locally.

Read on for an international study done on the importance of regular risk audits...

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International study proves regular health and safety audits prevent up to 80% of safety incidents

An international Department of Labour study set out to show how useful regular health and safety audits really are. It wanted to prove that safety audits really do make a noticeable difference.

So it took a hard look at one of the most dangerous industries in the world: Construction. What the study revealed surpassed even the department's most hopeful estimations.

It revealed that for every 1 000 construction workers:

•    241 workplace accidents and illnesses took place in companies that didn't do health and safety audits.
•    Companies that performed an annual health and safety audit, have half this incident rate. (According to the study, there were 107 workplace accidents and illnesses for every 1 000 workers who worked for companies who held a safety audit every year.)
•    Companies that did a health and safety audit every six months only had 47 safety incidents. That's half of what companies doing an annual audit experienced. And 80% fewer than companies that didn't do an audit at all!

Read that last bullet again!

Companies that did safety audits twice a year, had 80% less safety incidents!

So don't pay lip service to the health and safety of your employees. Save yourself time, money and stress! Conduct your risk audit today!

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Think there's 'no harm' in skipping safety audits? Consider this...
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