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This is the best way to avoid DoL health and safety fines

by , 19 November 2014
If a DoL inspector comes into your workplace and discovers you haven't complied with the OHS Act, he'll punish you.

These punishments can range from a simple slap on the wrist and an instruction fix your mistakes to possible jail time.

The best way to avoid this is to monitor your own compliance and fix any areas you find gaps in.

But how do you do this?

There's actually a simple and effective way. And it will ensure you stay out of trouble with the DoL.

Read on to find out what it is...


Do this to guarantee the DoL never finds you guilty of OHS Act non-compliance

To monitor and ensure your company's compliance with the OHS Act you must do annual health and safety audits. 
These help you assess your company's compliance by checking every aspect of how your company works in terms of health and safety.
To do a health and safety audit, you need to:
- Inspect all your health and safety documents;
- Assess the state of your workplace (this includes your equipment and housekeeping measures); and
- Interview your employees.
Doing these three things will help you gather information about your company's health and safety compliance.
But it's what you do after the audit that will really keep your out of trouble with the DoL.
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Should you call a professional and pay thousands?
Or should you attempt this mammoth task yourself?
Fear not… Today I'll tell you exactly how you can successfully perform an internal audit that meets the OHSAS 18001 standards perfectly. 

Here's what you must do after your health and safety audit to ensure your compliance

After the audit you must address all the problems you found with your health and safety. You must fix these problems so you're no longer guilty of non-compliance.
You must do these health and safety audits annually, if not more. This will help you keep your company's health and safety programme 100% compliant.
For more help on how to use health and safety audits to ensure your company complies with the OHS Act check out Health and Safety Audit Smart.

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This is the best way to avoid DoL health and safety fines
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