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This winning health and safety inspection plan will satisfy any DoL inspector

by , 07 October 2014
If a DoL inspector drops by for a visit, do know what to do?

If you don't, your confusion could lead to you doing or saying the wrong things.

This will increase your chances of the inspector finding some form of non-compliance in your workplace.

Luckily, we've got a plan of action that can make the whole process run smoothly so the inspector doesn't suspect you of non-compliance.

Use this health and safety inspection plan to deal with your unscheduled DoL visit…

The first thing you must do is invite the inspector in to take a look at your health and safety records. If you're confident in showing him your documents, it will show you have nothing to hide. That's a good indicator of someone who's complied with the law. 
Once the inspector is happy with your documents and seen everything he needs to, take him into your workplace.  
If he asks to see particular things, like the state of your equipment, take him to see it. Again, your confidence here will help you. 
But, what if the inspector doesn't want you with him during the inspection?
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One simple step to win over any labour inspector
By law if you operate any machinery in your workplace, you must display the General Machinery 
Regulations Schedule D (Or Schedule C if you use boilers) where your employees can see it. This will be one of the first things a labour inspector will look for.

Here's what to do if the inspector wants to do the inspection on his own

If the inspector wants to look around your workplace on his own, don't try to stop him. Rather let him look and tell him he can find you in your office when he's done. 
But if he's happy for you to accompany him during the inspection, stay with him but hang back just a bit. Let him look at what ever he needs to.
When he asks one of your employees a question, don't say anything or try to answer for your employee. This doesn't look good. Rather let your employee answer.
If you follow this plan of action you'll have no problem convincing the DoL inspector of your compliances. 

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This winning health and safety inspection plan will satisfy any DoL inspector
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