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Three little-known OHS Act laws you must comply with or face DoL penalties

by , 14 October 2014
You know the OHS Act gives you instructions to keep your employees safe at work. You know you must follow these instructions or the DoL will punish you. But, do you know what all of the OHS Act's instructions are?

There are some you might forget about or not even be aware of. This is where you could end up in trouble and incur serious DoL punishments.

Read on to discover three such little-known OHS Act laws so you can comply with them and avoid harsh punishments...


Do you know about these three OHS Act laws?

1. Facilities Regulations
These regulations refer to sanitary workplace facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, showers, dining facilities, drinking water, certain prohibitions, as well as the conditions of these facilities that forms part of the work environment.
This law covers:
Facilities for safekeeping of dangerous substances;
Prohibition of dangerous areas;
Drinking water;
Seats; and
Condition of room and facilities.
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2. Regulations concerning the Certificate of Competency
A Certificate of Competency shows your employee has the skills to work as a mechanical or electrical engineer. The Chief Inspector will issue the certificate on recommendations of the Commission of Examiners.
This law covers:
Issue of Certificates;
Suspension or cancellation of Certificates;
Substitution of lost, damaged or destroyed Certificates;
Commission of Examiners;
Qualifying examination; and
Acceptance as candidate.
3. Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulation
These regulations apply to any workplace that expose the people who work there to noise that's at, or above, the noise-rating limit.
This law covers:
Exposure to noise;
Information and training;
Duties of employees who's work exposes them to noise;
Assessment of potential noise exposure;
Noise monitoring;
Medical surveillance;
Noise zone;
Control of noise exposure;
Hearing protective equipment; and
Maintenance of control measures.
Ensure you comply with these three lesser known OHS Act laws to avoid harsh punishments.
For more about complying with the OHS Act, check out the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Three little-known OHS Act laws you must comply with or face DoL penalties
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