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Three non-compliance signs a DoL inspector will look for in your workplace

by , 07 November 2014
The DoL wants to make sure every business in South Africa complies with health and safety regulations. To do this, it sends out inspectors to do unannounced inspections.

During the inspection, he'll look for warning signs that suggest you haven't complied with some aspect of the OHS Act.

Here are the three he'll look for before he starts digging deeper into your health and safety...


The DoL inspector will look for these three non-compliance warning signs in your workplace

1. A high accident and injury rate
The inspector will check through your records. If he can tell you have a high rate of accidents and injuries, it suggests you haven't put the right safety measures in place. 
From there he'll assess whether you have safety measures in place and if they're effective.
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2. Ineffective safety equipment 
This suggests you haven't done a risk assessment and your safety measures aren't risk specific. The inspector will check through your documents again to see if you have a risk register. This will show him when you last did a risk assessment, if you even did one at all.
3. Employees who don't follow your health and safety procedures
If your employees work in a careless and unsafe manner it suggests one of two things:
1) You haven't created any health and safety procedures for your employees to follow; or
2) You haven't trained your employees on how to follow your procedures. 
If this is the case, the inspector will look at your training records and certificates to see if you trained your employees. He'll also check if you have safety procedures in place at all.
If the DoL inspector sees any of these warning signs it could spell disaster for your business. Take steps today to make sure the inspector doesn't find you lacking in these areas.

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Three non-compliance signs a DoL inspector will look for in your workplace
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