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Three things you must do so the DoL safety inspector doesn't charge you with non-compliance

by , 03 November 2014
The DoL is the one that ensures you comply with the OHS Act.

A DoL inspector can knock on your door at anytime to check your workplace compliance with health and safety requirements.

If you don't meet its requirements, it will penalise you harshly for non-compliance. That could mean penalties, prohibitions and even jail time.

And if he finds you haven't done these three things, he'll charge you with non-compliance...


Three things you must do so a DoL inspector doesn't become your company's worst nightmare

1. Create your health and safety documents
These documents are vital. They show the structure for your company's health and safety programme and include your:
- Health and safety plan. 
You need these documents or the inspector will think you haven't implemented a proper health and safety system in your company.
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2. Train your employees
You must train employees on your safe working procedures and how to use all your machinery correctly and safely.  You must also be able to prove you trained them with training certificates and registers.
3. Appoint people to the relevant health and safety positions
You need to appoint people to help you manage health and safety in your workplace. There are 33 appointments you might have to make. You'll prove you've made the relevant appointments with legal appointment letters
If you don't do these three things, the DoL inspector will charge you with non-compliance. 
Don't let this happen to you! Rather just fulfil your health and safety obligations be doing these three things.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more of your health and safety obligations. 

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Three things you must do so the DoL safety inspector doesn't charge you with non-compliance
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