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To comply with the OHS Act and avoid punishment, do this

by , 03 October 2014
If a DoL inspector comes past your workplace for a quick inspection, he'll want to see if you're complying with the OHS Act.

If the inspector finds out that your company isn't compliant, it could mean serious problems for you and your business.

This means you could face prohibitions, monitory fines, a company shut down or even jail time.

All of these could seriously impact your business.

To protect yourself and your business, do this to help your company comply.


Do this to help your company comply so you can avoid hard punishments

When a DoL inspector visits your workplace, one of the first things he'll look at are the working conditions in your workplace. In other words, do your employees work in a safe and hygienic environment?
If the answer to this is 'no', the DoL inspector will see it straight away. If your workplace is dirty and unsafe, the DoL could send a non-compliance punishment your way.
Thankfully, you can avoid this problem and it's easy to do.
Just follow these four steps to improve your working conditions and avoid punishment.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
Do you have more than 20 employees?
Don't ignore this health and safety obligation or else!
The DoL will slap you with a R50 000 fine or 1 year in jail if you don't have a health and safety representative. 

These four steps will help you improve your working conditions

Step 1: Assess the condition of your equipment. If you see equipment that's damaged, old or needs maintenance, you need to address it quickly before they cause an accident.
Step 2: Give your employees protective gear so they don't hurt themselves. This is important if there are inherent dangers in the work they do that you can't remove.
Step 3: Put safety measures and equipment in place to limit the dangers your employees face. This equipment could be protective barriers, fall nets, quick release mechanisms, etc. 
Step 4: Clean and disinfect your workplace regularly. You must assess the hygiene in your workplace and take specific steps to improve any particular health risks. 
Follow these four steps to improve your employees' working condition so you can comply with health and safety laws and avoid harsh punishments. 

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To comply with the OHS Act and avoid punishment, do this
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