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Two SA construction workers die and dozens are injured each week! Use these three safety tips to keep yours safe

by , 12 May 2014
Did you know that two construction workers are killed a week in South Africa? It's true! Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi made this startling revelation at a construction conference last year. But death isn't your only safety concern! Injury is too. If you want to ensure your employees don't become another statistic, use these three construction site safety tips to keep your employees safe.


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Advise your employees to use these three construction site safety tips to avoid injures

Tip #1: Lift objects properly

Your employees could easily get injured while lifting heavy objects on the construction site. That's why it's important you train them on how to lift objects properly.

Experts at the Health & Safety Club recommend you tell your employees to apply these 13 safety rules when lifting heavy objects:

  1. Don't lift anything heavy. If you feel strain in your arms, shoulders, neck or back, don't pick it up – get help.

  2. Plan your move. Size up the load and make sure your path is clear.

  3. Don't attempt to lift the load alone if it's too heavy or awkward. GET HELP!

  4. Keep the load close to your body.

  5. Use your thigh and leg muscles, not your back, as you lift in one smooth movement.

  6. Have feet shoulder width apart, with the load between them.

  7. Get a firm grip on the load.

  8. Keep your arms and elbows close to your side.

  9. Bend your knees and hips keeping your back straight.

  10. Keep a good grip on the load.

  11. Keep the load close to your body.

  12. Keep loads at a reasonable height so you can see where you're going.

  13. Pivot with your feet – don't twist your back when carrying loads.

Tip #2: Sit down when working at lower levels

Safety services company.com recommends you tell your employees to avoid squatting or kneeling when they work at lower levels.
'By sitting on a stable stool, you avoid straining your knees and waist.'

There's one more construction site safety tip for your employees. And it involves their tool belt…


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Tip #3: Balance the weight of your tool belt

Believe it or not, but, 'Tool belts have the ability to pull your body out of alignment,' warns safety services company.com.

But your employees can avoid this if they keep the weight of the tool belt balanced. Tell them to adjust their belt if one side is heavier than the other.

These simple construction site safety tips will help ensure your employees avoid injures while working.

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Two SA construction workers die and dozens are injured each week! Use these three safety tips to keep yours safe
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