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Two things you must do to prepare for your workplace facilities inspection

by , 15 May 2014
You have to provide risk-free workplace facilities, like toilets and eating areas in your company (Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)).

You also have to inspect and maintain your facilities to ensure they're in working order (Facilities Regulations of the OHSA).

But how do you do this and where do you start? By preparing for a facilities inspection.

To get you started, our health and safety experts give you two things you must do to prepare for your facilities inspection. Do them today to avoid penalties or, worse, being shut down by the Department of Labour.


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Preparing for a facilities inspection starts with doing these two things

#1: Review your health and safety documents

The Health & Safety Advisor says you should review these documents to prepare for a facilities inspection:

  • Relevant legislation, industry standards, and manufacturer's equipment specifications.
  • Previous workplace facility inspections checklists and reports;
  • Recommendations from previous workplace facility inspections for possible follow-ups;
  • Floor diagrams and routes; and
  • Accident/incident investigation reports on facilities.

There's one more thing you must do and it involves your OHS Committee…


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#2: Consult with your OHS Committee to schedule your facilities inspection

You and your team must come up with a step-by-step process to schedule the procedure for doing the inspection.

When you create your schedule, you must consider these points:

  • Who will conduct the facilities inspection;
  • The size of the workplace;
  • Operations in your workplace;
  • Existing and potential hazards including ergonomic risks;
  • Work hours;
  • The number of shifts; and
  • Any other aspect that could affect how and when you'll do the inspection.

We hope doing these two things will help you prepare well for your facilities inspection and avoid penalties.

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Two things you must do to prepare for your workplace facilities inspection
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