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Two things you need to remember to fulfil your company's environmental obligations

by , 11 November 2014
As an employer, you have a duty to keep your employees safe. But as a business owner you also have a responsibility to protect the environment.

This means you need to limit the effect your business has on the environment around it.

How do you do this?

Your first step it to consider these two things...


You won't be able to fulfil your legal environmental obligations until you've considered these two things

1. What environmental risks does your company pose?
You need to consider what about your business could be detrimental to the environment. Even if you run an office, you have an impact on the environment. For example, if you print a lot, you'll use a large amount of paper. This has an environmental impact because there's more waste to deal with and it creates a greater demand on natural resources. 
That's why you need to assess how your business affects the environment so you can take measures to limit that effect.
Here's the second thing you need to consider.
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2. What secondary impact does your company have on the environment?
A secondary impact is one your company doesn't cause directly. This could be, for example, the air pollution your employees cause when they drive to work.
Just because your company doesn't directly cause this, doesn't mean there's nothing you can and should do about it. You could, for example, create a transport system for your employees and drive them to and from work. This reduces the amount of air pollution your employees cause.
Considering these two things will help you pinpoint your company's environmental impact. From there, you can look for solutions to reduce it and fulfil your environmental obligations.

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Two things you need to remember to fulfil your company's environmental obligations
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