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Upgrade your toilets and canteen to avoid legal wrangles...

by , 18 November 2013
The Occupational Health and Safety Act dictates that you have to maintain clean, functional working facilities. To be compliant, you should maintain an ongoing hygiene programme. By doing this, not only will you pass any health and safety inspection, but you'll also be taking steps toward the prevention of germs and bacteria that cause diseases.

The experts at the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf explain step-by-step how to upgrade your toilets and office canteen properly, so you'll be legally compliant.
Follow these nine steps to upgrade your toilets
1.       Clean the walls, doors and windows of all toilets andrepair or repaint if necessary.
2.       Deep clean the drainage systems, identify and markthe cleaning eyes (the little screw cap that can beremoved to enable the inside of the drainage pipes tobe cleaned) so that blockages can easily be rectified.Ensure the necessary equipment to do this is available.
3.       Clean toilet bowls and seats and ensure they're undamaged.
4.       Repair any items causing water wastage (overflowingball valves, broken handles).
5.       Clean toilet floors and urinals, and disinfectregularly.
6.       Clean up wash-basins and check overflow drainage,soap supply, and nail brushes for food preparation.
7.       Check hand drying facilities, e.g. disposable paper towels or clean towels and make sure they're alwaysfunctional and available.
8.       Check the disposal bins are used and emptiedregularly.
9.       Check that toilet roll dispensers are available, usedand replenished regularly.
Follow these 12 steps to upgrade your office canteen or kitchen
1.       Clean the walls, doors and windows of the cafeteriaand kitchen and repair or repaint if necessary.
2.       Clean floors, counters, tables and chairs.
3.       Make sure all those using the facilities keep theireating areas clean.
4.       Check water dispensers and vending machines forsanitary conditions and safe positioning andoperation.
5.       Check facilities for staff to keep clean, e.g. washingfacilities, disposable paper towels or clean towels,disposable caps, aprons and overalls.
6.       Check for leak-proof refuse bins with lids and arrange for the refuse to be removed regularly.
7.       Check control methods for rodents, insects andvermin.
8.       Clean and replace extractor fan filters whennecessary
9.       Check first aid facilities and equipment together withtrained first aider in kitchen facility.
10.   Make sure there are enough of the right sized fireextinguishers and they're all serviced and in good working condition.
11.   Check portable electric equipment is in goodcondition, properly earthed, polarity correct andinspected regularly.
12.   Make sure your crockery is dried hygienically .
Put these procedures into practice to get full marks for your office hygiene. 

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Upgrade your toilets and canteen to avoid legal wrangles...
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