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Use these five checks to ensure you're complying with the latest construction regulations

by , 10 April 2014
If the DoL comes to visit and you aren't following the latest construction regulations 2014, you could face criminal charges. These could range from negligence to criminal endangerment. Even worse, if someone has a fatal accident of your construction site, the charge could be man slaughter. Don't let this happen to you. Rather just protect your employees and yourself by following this five step construction regulation check.

Your 1527 Health and Safety duties as an employer
Don't ignore your health and safety obligations. You could face a R100 000 fine and/or a jail sentence.
Do these five checks to make sure you're following construction regulations
It's the responsibility of every employer to provide their staff a safe working environment. According to the Health and Safety Advisor the safety plan should change for each project. This may change depending on size of the project, number of employees and the type of work. 
Here are some checks which you must do to make sure you have all your bases covered. 
The first check you have to do is do you have all the documents and information you need? Check that you have all of your permits, licenses and certificates on hand at all times. The information that you'll need includes employee files, details of the jobs on site and the equipment or substance that employees use. 
Second thing you must check is have you given all of your employees proper training? Untrained employees are far more likely to be involved in accidents. It's your responsibility to make sure that your employees know what they're doing.
The third check point you have to remember is, have you done a full risk assessment? You have to have a risk management plan based on a risk assessment. 
Next, look at whether you've provided proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? The PPE you have must fit the risks that you found through your risk assessment. Different jobs will need different kinds of PPE so make sure that you have the right kind.
The last check is do you have a copy of your safety plan visible on site? If you have a health and safety plan, but it's not visible on site then, you're still in trouble.
Always make sure you're following construction regulations
Engineering News says that the amended 2014 construction regulations are there to improve the problems in health and safety. Make sure that you are following them by using these five checks.
PS: Double-sided tape will guarantee your health and safety law compliance! 
By merely owning and using double-sided tape you'll be 100% compliant with health and safety laws, avoid penalties by the Department of Labour (DoL) and fulfil your legal requirements. Sceptical?
If you own this adhesive, AND put it to good use, I can promise you the following:
You'll be better prepared for each and every DoL inspection
You'll ensure your employees know their rights and responsibilities
You'll empower your employees to make their OWN practical and reasonable decisions about health and safety in your workplace

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Use these five checks to ensure you're complying with the latest construction regulations
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