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Use these three steps to limit the impact your business has on the environment

by , 11 November 2014
Did you know your business has an obligation to protect the environment? You have to reduce and control the impacts your business cause so you don't do any serious harm.

This sounds like a mammoth task especially if you run a large factory.

That's why we're revealing three steps you can take to limit the impact your business has on the environment, no matter how big, or what industry it's in...


Limit your business' environmental impact with these three steps

Step 1: Do an environmental impact risk assessment 
The first thing you need to do to limit the impact your business has on the environment is identify what that impact is.
This is important as it will help you identify exactly what measures you need to put in place to protect the environment.
Step 2: Create an environment impact register
This is a document you use to record all the impacts you identified. This document must contain very specific details about each of them.
Take this document to your HSE committee and discuss what you can do to reduce these impacts.
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Step 3: Put environmental protection measures in place
These measures will help you control and reduce the impact your company has. For example, it could be a system for recycling waste materials or storing substances to avoid contaminating the environment.
Constantly maintain these measures to ensure your environmental impact stays at a reasonable level.
Repeat the process once a year to help control your environmental impact. And remember this is a legal requirement. If you don't comply with environment laws your company could face a serious fine.
For more about managing your environmental impact and risk, check out the Health and Safety Advisor

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Use these three steps to limit the impact your business has on the environment
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