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Use this inspection checklist to ensure your event is health and safety compliant!

by , 30 January 2013
There's been a worldwide rise in outdoor events = cancellations as a result of health and safety concerns. According to a recent report, the Northamptonshire Beer Festival, which has been running for 25 years, won't take place this year because 'the health and safety implications are now beyond capabilities'. Don't let this happen to you! Incorporate this inspection checklists into your event planning to ensure your event is health and safety compliant.

The organiser of the Northamptonshire Beer Festival has revealed the event won't go ahead this year due to health and safety concerns.
The festivalhas been running for more than 25 years.
Phil Greenway, chairman of Northants CAMRA, said 'The health and safety implications are now beyond [our] capabilities …'in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo.
And it's not the first outdoor event to be cancelled for this reason. 
But here's the thing, this event could have gone ahead if health and safety inspection checklists had been compiled and checked ahead of the events.
That's why 'ninspection checklist is your first step towards being fully[health and safety] compliant,  says the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf.
Without the inspection checklist, your health and safety policy won't be legally compliant. 
You'll need to refer to your inspection checklists in the following five situations to ensure you're always health and safety compliant:
1. Whenever there's an incident (this will help you confirm any negligence);
2. Whenever changes occur in your structures, processes, materials, machinery and equipment (you'll use this to update your safety measures);
3. Whenever new or additional technical information is received (to update your safety measures);
4. Whenever there are changes in the workforce (to ensure all employees know the health and safety rules of your company); and
5. Whenever there are changes in relevant legislation (to update your health and safety measures).
Remember that because ensuring your business is health and safety compliant is a constant work in progress, you'll only be able to use each hardcopy inspection checklist once! 

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Use this inspection checklist to ensure your event is health and safety compliant!
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