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Use three health and safety events to keep your compliance top notch

by , 20 October 2014
If you just implement health and safety measures and never think about them again, chances are you're guilty of non-compliance.

After all, circumstances change so your old health and safety measures might fail over time.

You need to constantly assess health and safety to ensure it stays top notch and compliant.

In fact, there are three health and safety events you can use to do this.

Read on to discover what they are...


These three health and safety events will help you maintain your OHS Act compliance

As circumstances change, so do the risks in your workplace. To ensure your health and safety measures stay risk specific, do a risk assessment at least every six months.
This will help you stay on top of changing risks and new health and safety measures. Remember to take your findings from your risk assessment to your health and safety committee so you can decide on a plan of action.
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These help you assess the general condition of your workplace and equipment. It helps you ensure your machinery and workplace meet the OHS Act's standards and that you can take steps to improve them if you don't. 
Do these monthly on different areas in your workplace.
These help you determine your company's compliance. You must do these annually so you can ensure all your employees follow the rules and your health and safety standards don't slip. 
If you find problems in your health and safety that suggest non-compliance, take steps to fix them immediately. You never know when an inspector will come knocking.
Ensure you pencil these three events into your calendar so you can assess your company's health and safety so it stays top notch.

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Use three health and safety events to keep your compliance top notch
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