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Using a health and safety auditor? Make sure he's registered!

by , 03 February 2014
Health and safety audits are crucial to ensuring your company is compliant and as hazard-free as humanly possible. So it's no wonder that many companies outsource their health and safety audits to an external party. But before you do, make sure they're registered with the right institutions... Or you could be the victim of fraud!

According to leading health and safety expert, Louis Harty, health and safety audits are one of the most useful methods of compliance you have: 'They help you identify the key problems in your Health and Safety System, check you're compliant and helps you prevent problems before they happen.'

But since you need to complete them regularly, they also eat up a lot of your time.

So it makes sense to outsource your audits, right?

Of course! But be warned: Many health and safety auditors who operate in SA act as if they're registered when, in fact, they're not. This can lead to poor service delivery, paying for a service that you're not getting and having no leg to stand on when the DoL tells you you're not complying with your obligations.

And that can be a HUGE problem!

But how do you know if your health and safety auditor is registered or not?

Christel Fouche, the managing director of Advantage ACT, recommends you do the following:

Check the registration status of your health and safety auditor the two largest personnel certification bodies in the world:

  • IRCA (International Register for Certified Auditors); Or
  • RABQSA (now known as Exemplar Global)

Then follow the prompts. You'll be required to enter your auditor's details and select the country as South Africa among other things.

By doing so, you'll quickly discover whether you're auditor's registered, that his status is still valid and that you're using him for the correct discipline – for example using someone qualified in construction audits for your construction company.

If you don't find your health and safety auditor here, best you hire someone else. After all, you don't want to pay for someone who's not qualified to do the job.

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Using a health and safety auditor? Make sure he's registered!
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