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Wal-Mart suffers deadly construction accident: Make sure your site doesn't follow suit

by , 29 November 2013
Many people think construction accidents only happen to small, little-known construction companies. Not true! This is evident in the latest construction incident which involved the electrocution and death of a construction employee at one of Wal-Mart's stores in Arkansas. Could yours be the next construction site that makes the news for all the wrong reasons? Here's how to ensure it's not...

Every year, the DoL spends R2.5 billion a year on health and safety compensations claims in the construction industry alone.

The reason?

Because so many construction sites aren't compliant with all 26 OHS construction regulations.

Is yours?

Did you know there are 26 OHS regulations every construction site needs to meet?

When it comes to avoiding construction accidents, the OHS is very strict.

So strict, in fact, that it's put in place 26 regulations every site needs to meet. Failure to comply with just one could land you with a fine of R100,000, two years in jail time or both, warns the Health and Safety Advisor.

This includes making sure you and your construction site have met the:

  1. Client requirements;
  2. Contractors' requirements;
  3. Supervision of construction work requirements;
  4. Risk assessment requirements;
  5. Fall protection requirements;
  6. Structure requirements;
  7. Excavation requirements;
  8. Demolition work requirements;
  9. Scaffolding requirements; and 17 more.

Luckily, the DoL makes these regulations freely available for you on its website. It's vital you pay attention to them to ensure you've taken every precaution to prevent fatal accidents on site.

If you don't, you could suffer Wal-Mart's fate and be forced to settle a multi-million rand settlement.

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Wal-Mart suffers deadly construction accident: Make sure your site doesn't follow suit
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