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Watch your employees reap the benefits of being OHS compliant!

by , 17 January 2013
Health and safety is of huge importance overseas, and increasingly so in South Africa, too.HR Pulse has published an article by John Kilianon the benefits of being Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliant. These include boosting your organisation's performance and even adding to yourorganisation's bottom line.Here's why Kilian says your organisation should becomeOHScompliant.

How much will it cost me to become OHS compliant?
Costs involved in becoming OHS compliant are low when compared with how much you already pay for:
Frequent employeeabsenteeism related to ill-health or injuries;
Escalating insurance premiums; and 
The cost of constantly training new employees to replace those who are absent.
South African organisations are finally getting on board and taking a proactive approach towards becoming OHS-compliant, rather than just following suit because of legislative pressure.
5 benefits of fostering good OHS practice in your organisation
1.    Your employeesbecome more competent;
2.    Your employeesbecome more productive;
3.    Your employees become more motivated;
4.    By educating your employees about OHS you empower them to take responsibility for their own OHS compliance.
2 Steps to get your organisationOHS-compliant
The first step is to get a full safety audit of your organisation. This will identify where your organisation could be falling short in terms of health and safety. The second step is to follow the recommendations gathered from the audit to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with current legislation and ultimately protect your organisation, employees and the public.
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Watch your employees reap the benefits of being OHS compliant!
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