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What is a health and safety audit?

by , 09 December 2016
What is a health and safety audit?This week I want to tell you all about health and safety audits, who needs them, why you have to have them, and a simple tool you can use to do your audit with the questions you need to ask in them.

But, it occurred to me you might not know exactly what I mean when I say 'audit'. So, let's start there ...

What is a health and safety audit?

The Health & Safety Advisor says 'a health and safety audit is a process you follow to see if you're complying with health and safety laws. When you do an audit, you're basically asking yourself questions to find out whether or not you're in line with safety laws like the OHS Act.
Who needs one?

Mainly companies in the construction, manufacturing type industries or factory and machinery environments need to do them. There really wouldn't be much to audit if you work in an office and only have five employees.

Take a look around you… Ever imagined the consequences of your concrete truck slipping on the mud and tipping over? Crushing your employee Moses? All because he didn't follow health and safety protocol by ensuring the ground on which he parked was level and safe.

Don't think it can happen to you?

Well, my father managed a concrete plant and this, and stranger things, really happened. Like John slipping and falling off the silo!

Not on a construction site?

Well, take a look around your factory. My expert was telling me just the other day about a client whose machine operator got his hand chewed up by one of the machines. When they started investigating the incident, they found the employer hadn't actually ever trained his employees on the risks and how to prevent them. This could be disastrous! The DoL will shut you down for negligence!

Both instances could have been prevented if they just did regular audits to see if their health and safety systems were working. It would have highlighted the fact their employees needed training or even further training. They could have seen the rails on the silo weren't sufficient.

Now, let's get into the 'when and how' of your audit!

To see if your health and safety system is legally compliant and doing what it's supposed to, you should do your audit at least once a year. You need to cover all the elements of your health and safety system. For example, how you identify and evaluate the risks in your workplace. And what you're doing to minimise these risks or at least trying to manage them.  

And the best news is, as long as you choose a person who knows just a little bit about health and safety and has some savvy, anyone in your company can do it.

Simple, Fast, Efficient - use the Audit Smart programme and ensure you're 100% compliant with the OHS Act and 19 regulations

Follow these steps:
  • Install the programme
  • Open the worksheet to the Act or regulation you want to check.
  • Answer the compliance questions, by answering 1 for complying and 0 for not complying
  • Your compliance report will automatically be generated.  Now you can quickly assess your compliance level.
Find out how to get your copy here


And now for the good news…

I have a programme you can use to ensure your audit is 100% legally compliant. It instantly shows you the areas you need to work on that aren't complying with the OHS Act and its 19 Regulations.

And it's so simple and easy to use, anyone can do it. All you do is answer yes or no to over 100 questions, and it spits out a report. Click here to get your hands on Audit Smart today!
P.S: If you're now starting to wonder if your health and safety procedures are correct and adequate, or if you're not sure you identified your risks properly, or you suddenly remember the last time you had a safety talk with your employees was 2015, then click here. We have a solution for every health and safety challenge you may have.

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What is a health and safety audit?
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