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When a DoL inspector checks your training certificates, these are the three things he'll look for

by , 07 November 2014
DoL inspectors often visit workplaces to do impromptu health and safety inspections. During these inspections, they assess the company's compliance with the OHS Act.

If an inspector visits you, he'll check every aspect of your company's health and safety. This includes documents such as the training certificates that your employees got for first aid, fire or rescue training for example.

The inspector will scrutinise these certificates to look for particular information.

Here are the three things he'll check on your training certificates so you can make sure they're up to scratch...


Three things the DoL inspector will check on your health and safety training certificates

1. The name of the training provider
The inspector will check the name of your training provider to determine two things. Does the training provider really exist? And is it reputable?
If you create false training certificates, the inspector will know because he'll be able to check whether the provider exists. And if you use a provider who isn't reputable, the DoL may not accept your employees' training as sufficient. 
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2. Your employees' certificate reference number
This is another thing the inspector will check to determine the validity of your employees' training. If you say your employees went for training, but didn't, and you create fake certificates for it, the inspector can check using the references number.
He'll simply call the training provider, give it the reference number and ask it to verify if it gave your employee that certificate.
3. The certificate's expiry date
All health and safety training expires and you have to send your employees for more training once it has. The inspector will check when the certificate expires to ensure your employees' training is still valid.
Now that you know what the inspector will check, ensure he doesn't find anything wrong with these three things.
Check out the Health and Safety Training Manual for everything you need to know about giving your employees' health and safety training.

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When a DoL inspector checks your training certificates, these are the three things he'll look for
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