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When a health and safety inspector comes knocking, here are five areas he'll check

by , 03 October 2014
It's every business owners' worst nightmare: A DoL inspector drops in unannounced to inspect your workplace. When it comes to health and safety there are very specific areas he'll look at.

If he finds any problems in any of these areas, it could mean serious non-compliance punishments. These can range from prohibitions and fines to a company shut down and even the possibility of jail time.

To help you improve your workplace health and safety and pass your next DoL inspection, we're revealing five areas the inspector will look at when he visits...


These are the five areas the DoL inspector will look at when he assess your business

Area 1: The DoL inspector will first look at your employees' working conditions because it's one of the first things he can see. He'll look to see if your workplace is safe and hygienic.
Area 2: He'll inspect the safety equipment you have in place to protect your employees. He wants to check their effectiveness and find out how well you maintain them. 
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Area 3: He'll check your health and safety documents. These will include your health and safety plan, health and safety policy and all your training certificates.
Keep every document relating to health and safety because the inspector could ask to see all of them. 
Area 4: He'll check if your employees have the right safety gear. If he finds your employees doesn't have the right personal protective equipment (PPE), he'll instruct you to give it to them. If you don't, he'll give you a hefty fine.
Area 5: Lastly, he'll inspect your workplace housekeeping to see if you keep your workplace in a safe and tidy condition. If you don't keep tools, materials or substances (chemicals) in a safe place, they could cause serious risks. He'll check if you've prevented this.
So ensure your take care of these five areas of your health and safety so you can pass your next important DoL inspection.

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When a health and safety inspector comes knocking, here are five areas he'll check
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