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When the DoL comes knocking, can you say 'yes' to all 18 OHS Act questions

by , 30 May 2014
The OHS Act requires you to:

- Have a safety policy and procedure;
- Display them;
- Train your employees;
- Have a first aider and first aid kits; and
- Do a risk assessment, etc.

The list of responsibilities goes on and on.

But what you may not know, is if the DoL inspector pays you a visit, he's going to quiz you on your compliance with the OHS regulations.

In fact, there are 18 questions he's going to ask you. If you don't say 'yes' to all of them, you'll land up in the DoL hot seat.

Here are the questions he'll ask so you can ensure your answer is always 'yes'.

*Knock knock* The Labour Inspector arrives unannounced… Are you ready?
If you operate any machinery in your workplace, GMR Schedule D or C must be in clear view for employees to see. This will be the first thing the inspector will look out for when he's paying an unscheduled visit to your workplace.  If you are missing these summaries, he will slap you with a fine. Don't get caught without them. 
Act now and order your wall charts today!

18 questions a DoL inspector will ask about your health and safety programme

You need to know what the DoL is going to ask you, so you can prepare and ensure you truthfully answer 'yes'. Here's what he'll ask you:
Remember, if you don't truthfully answer 'yes' to all of these questions, the DoL will fine you, or worse, put you in jail.
So get your OHS policy in order, so 'yes' can be your truthful answer. 

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When the DoL comes knocking, can you say 'yes' to all 18 OHS Act questions
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