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Who to appoint to make sure health and safety runs smoothly in your company

by , 08 April 2015
You can't manage the health and safety at your workplace alone. You must have people who can help you in different situations and at different levels of the organisation.
But it's not just a good idea to appoint these people so they can help you. It's a legal requirement under the OHS Act.

In fact, there are 33 different appointments you may have to make.

Read on to find out what they are...

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33 Different safety appointments you need to make

1.    CEO;
2.    Confined Space Supervisor;
3.    Department Manager;
4.    Electrician;
5.    Engineer;
6.    Explosives Controller
7.    Forklift Driver;
8.    First Aider;
9.    Fire Fighter;
10.  Fire Marshal;
11.  HCS Controller;
12.  HCS Coordinator;
13.  HCS Chairperson;
14.  HSE Coordinator;
15.  Health and Safety Representative;
16.  Incident Investigator;
17.  Ladder Inspector;
18.  Machine Operator;
19.  OHM Practitioner;
20.  OHN Practitioner;
21.  PTW Authority;
22.  RA Facilitator;
23.  Scaffold Supervisor;
24.  Section Division Manager
25.  Shiftsman;
26.  Spillage Controller;
27.  Spillage Team Members;
28.  S&S Supervisor;
29.  Stacker Operator;
30.  Subordinate;
31.  Supervisor;
32.  Train Operators; and
33.  WAH Supervisor

You can download 68 legally approved Appointment letters here

You need to prove to the DoL that you've appointed your employees correctly. When doing your health and safety appointment letters, you need to use the formal 'letters of appointment' templates. You can find samples of all 33 appointment letters in your copy of the Health and Safety Advisor in the Appointment Letters chapter.

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Who to appoint to make sure health and safety runs smoothly in your company
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