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Will your workplace toilet facilities pass a DoL inspection?

by , 23 July 2013
Do you have the correct number of toilets available for your employees? Will your eating areas pass a DoL inspection?

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and it's Regulations have very specific legal requirements for sanitation that must be followed. You must have clean working facilities.

To keep your facilities compliant so you don't face penalties and a possible shut down, you must implement an on-going hygiene and maintenance programme.


Why you must use legal inspection checklists in your company
Legal registers ensure you're meeting legal obligations. They act as a checklist to make sure you're identified all the legal requirements and they're documented. They make complicated legal requirements easy-to-understand for all of your employees.

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10 Examples of facilities you must inspect and maintain in your workplace
You must provide:
  1. Toilet facilities – you must provide one toilet for every 20 employees
    (National Building Regulations).
  2. Toilet paper in every toilet;
  3. All toilet pans must have a seat;
  4. Towels, disposable paper towels or hot air blowers to dry hands;
  5. Hand soap for washing hands;
  6. Hot and cold running water has to be provided at wash basins and showers (Regulation 2 of the Facilities Regulations);
  7. Ensure the walls of rooms with showers are smooth (i.e. no dust or other dirt can collect in crevices) and the floors are slip free and sloped for proper drainage so that pools of water don't collect on the floor;
  8. Windows that aren't 'see through' in the shower rooms;
  9. Signs indicating whether the facilities are for males or females and posted at the entrance to the rooms; and
  10. Well ventilated restrooms and offices, either by windows and doors or mechanical (extractor fans).
 Providing risk-free workplace facilities, like toilets and eating areas in offices and factories is a legal requirement (Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)). But it doesn't stop there! You have to inspect and maintain them to ensure they're in working order (Facilities Regulations of the OHSA).

Here's how you can be 100% sure your risk assessments are legally complaint...

Everything you need to effectively manage risk in your business, avoid accidents in the workplace and be 100% compliant with the DoL is now available to you in this one resource.

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To find out how often and how to go about inspecting and maintaining your facilities, check your latest update for Chapter W03 Workplace facilities: inspections and maintenance in the Health and Safety Advisor.
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Until next time,
Stay safe.

Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher
P.S. To make it easier for you to inspect your workplace facilities, use the Facilities Inspection programme in the Health and Safety Advisor


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