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You have seven obligations regarding smoking in the workplace

by , 09 September 2013
Labour law doesn't govern smoking in the workplace. But the Tobacco Products Control Act (TPCA) is the framework you must use to govern this issue. So pay careful attention to it. Here are your seven obligations regarding smoking in the workplace.

The TPCA prohibits smoking in public places. It aims to protect your non-smoking staff from the cigarette and tobacco smoke of smokers.

So if you have designated smoking areas in your workplace, make sure you comply with the following obligations.

Revealed: Seven employer obligations for smoking in the workplace

The Health&Safety Advisor urges you to ensure you and your employees comply with the following regulations:

#1: Display 'No smoking' signs or make public announcements to inform any person who enters your public area/workplace of your company's prohibitions;

#2: Ensure your employees have the right to object to smoking in the workplace if anyone contravenes the TPCA;

#3: Make sure employees who don't want to be exposed to tobacco smoke in the workplace aren't exposed to it. This includes cleaning employees who are exposed when cleaning the smoking area;

#4: Make sure employees and visitors who smoke are aware of your rules around smoking in the workplace and comply with them;

#5: Don't make it a condition of employment to require any employee to work in any part of the workplace where you permit smoking;

#6: Don't victimise or discipline employees who object to tobacco smoke in the workplace; and

#7: If you choose to allow smoking, impose restrictions on where employees can smoke and create designated smoking areas.

Remember, it's your responsibility to ensure your employees also comply with these regulations.

Now that you know what your obligations are, make sure you comply. It'll help you avoid being slapped with penalties for non-compliance.

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You have seven obligations regarding smoking in the workplace
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