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You think your health and safety programme complies with OHS regulations, but can you prove it?

by , 20 June 2014
Your health and safety programme is top notch. Your employees are well trained and equipped to do their work safely.

But have you forgotten to do something? How about recording the whole process?

You see, you may have taken care of every health and safety detail right down to your employees' ear plugs, but if you haven't recorded the process you won't be able to prove it to the DoL.
This could land you in huge trouble if a DoL inspector drops by.

You can avoid this though. Keep reading to discover the seven records you should use to document the implementation of your health and safety programme.

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*Knock knock* The Labour Inspector arrives unannounced… are you ready?
If you operate any machinery in your workplace, GMR Schedule D or C must be in clear view for employees to see. This will be the first thing the inspector will look out for when he's paying an unscheduled visit to your workplace.  If you are missing these summaries, he will slap you with a fine. Don't get caught without them.

Prove you've implemented your health and safety programme with these records

If a DoL inspector comes by, he won't just want to see your OHS Policy. He'll want to see records that prove you implemented your health and safety programme.
So ensure you keep:
1.       All your receipts for safety equipment. Prove you've bought the right equipment first;
2.       The signed work orders you used when you had equipment installed. This shows the equipment is in place;
3.       A register that your employees signed to say you've given them PPE. Include the type of PPE you gave to each employee;
4.       The signed work orders for any maintenance you did on your equipment;
These records prove you have the right safety equipment. Now you need to prove you've trained your employees to use it.

Prove you've trained your employees on your health and safety programme with these records

5.       An attendance register that all your employees signed before every OHS training session;
6.       Training certificates from your employees' first aid training; and
7.       Your health and safety representative's letter of appointment and training certificate.
There you have it: Keep all of these documents to prove to the DoL that you're complying with OHS regulations.
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Are you responsible for compiling your SHE file?
Are you struggling to keep up-to-date with all the paperwork?
Do you waste your time formatting all the documents?
Are you stressed out about all your legal requirements?
Of course you are. You have enough on your plate already, and keeping up with paperwork isn't on the top of your to-do list. But unfortunately, it's part of your job because it's a legal requirement. And, you've answered 'YES' to at least half of the questions above.

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You think your health and safety programme complies with OHS regulations, but can you prove it?
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