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10 Documents you need to prepare for a CCMA conciliation

by , 12 October 2015
Your employee, Tim, committed a misconduct. So you follow your internal disciplinary processes.

Tim is found guilty of the misconduct and you dismiss him.

A few days later you receive notification to attend a CCMA conciliation hearing. In the notification, Tim claims you dismissed him unfairly.

So now that you've received the notification, you need to know which documents you need to prepare.

Keep reading below to see the 10 documents you need to prepare for a CCMA conciliation...


Notice to attend the CCMA – Immediate response required
This is your official notice to attend the CCMA. Your response is required within 30 days from this notification.

Please click here to find out what action you need to take.
A checklist of 10 documents you need to prepare for a CCMA conciliation

Put together folders containing copies of each of the following documents, sorted chronologically:

❑ Minutes of the disciplinary hearing
❑ Minutes of the appeal hearing
❑ Chairperson's finding
❑ Investigation diary or Investigator's notes
❑ Each witness's written statement
❑ The accused's written statement
❑ Chairperson's handwritten notes made at the disciplinary hearing
❑ Handwritten notes made by the Chairperson of the appeal hearing
❑ The original written complaint
❑ All documents entered into evidence at the disciplinary and appeal hearings

Before the meeting, distribute the folders to the Chairperson who conducted your employee's disciplinary hearing, the Complainant, the Investigator, and the Chairperson who conducted your appeal hearing. Ask them to study the contents before the meeting to familiarise themselves with the contents of each document. This will save a lot of time at preparing for the meeting.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to prepare for a CCMA conciliation to ensure you don't lose your case, turn to chapter C01: CCMA Conciliation in your Labour Law for Managers Handbook. If you don't have a copy yet, click here.

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10 Documents you need to prepare for a CCMA conciliation
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