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2 Points to be aware of before dismissing an employee for absenteeism

by , 30 March 2016
While your employees are entitled to a certain amount of sick leave within a given period, the fact of the matter is that it's often abused.

This is bad as it disrupts you business's overall efficiency when it really shouldn't.

And so if you really believe a particular employee is abusing the system, you may wish to dismiss him.

But before taking any action, there are 2 points you need to know, as indicated on bowman.co.za...


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In order to justify a dismissal, based on absenteeism, you need to prove that the absences were of an unreasonable duration, or that they were frequent enough to disrupt work within your company.


Just like with any dismissal, you as the employer are required to follow a fair procedure before dismissing an employee for absenteeism.

In order to get an idea of the fairness of the dismissal, the Court will usually look into the following 3 factors:

1.       The reason for the employee's absence;
2.       The employee's employment history; and
3.       How you, the employer, has dealt with absenteeism in the past.

With reference to the third point, the key is consistency. And if you wish to change a past behavioural pattern, you must ensure that everyone else knows.

For example, if you have taken absenteeism lightly in the past, but now wish to put your foot down, you must first communicate your new stance to all of your employees before applying it.

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NOTE: If your disciplinary code includes a form of progressive discipline, you can't dismiss at first instance (a first-time offence). Unless of course the period of absence for a first-time offence was extremely unreasonable.
*So those were 2 points you should be aware of before dismissing an employee for absenteeism…

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2 Points to be aware of before dismissing an employee for absenteeism
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