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Been beaten by an employee at the CCMA? Here's how to handle his return to work

by , 03 April 2013
Losing a CCMA case against your employee can be a bitter pill to swallow. Especially if you were convinced you had all the evidence you needed to win and have your employee dismissed. But studies show one in two employers lose their cases at the CCMA and have to let their employee come back to work. But how do you manage him now that he's back? Read on to find out what to do...

Smoothing things over with an employee who's taken you to the CCMA is difficult, especially because if you lose your cool, you're only giving the employee further reason to fight you.

It's important to ensure you handle the process fairly and professionally. Although this is a difficult process, it can be managed and, with time, you'll get through it. It's important that you're firm, but not but attacking. Here's how…

Use these two tips manage an employee who's won a CCMA case against you

1. Lay the cards on the table his first day back

Don't hold the fact that your employee took you to the CCMA against him.
'The first thing you need to do when he comes back to work is have a sit down with him. This is a way to clear the air. As difficult as it may be, let him know that you want to move past what's happened,' advises the Labour Watch Newsletter.
It's vital that you speak to your employee as soon as possible after he returns to work. This'll ensure that you both clear the air before the employee sets into his old routine. He needs to know what you expect from him and vice versa.

2. Create a dialogue

Be honest and upfront. Let the employee know that the disciplinary hearing and the CCMA saga are in the past.
'Ask if you're making sense or if he agrees with what you have to say. Encourage the conversation, by asking open-ended questions that will get the employee talking. Tell him how important it is to have the whole department working in harmony. Ask if there's anything wrong, or if there's anything he needs to discuss with you,' Labour Watch advises.

Be sure you're focusing on the problem, not the person. Above all, remember to be professional.

Knowing how to manage an employee who's beaten you at the CCMA will help ensure you avoid another CCMA backlash.

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Been beaten by an employee at the CCMA? Here's how to handle his return to work
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