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Don't get taken to the CCMA for unfair dismissal!

by , 20 July 2014
A lot of unfair dismissal cases end up at the CCMA daily. So, it's natural for you to fear dismissing an employee in case you do it unfairly.

And, not to mention that an unfair dismissal at the CCMA can cost your company in the thousands.

If you fail to prove these two things your dismissal could be unfair and you will lose your case at the CCMA..

Keep reading to find out what they are..

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Did you know: There're only 3 grounds for dismissal that's fair! But even if you dismiss someone for a fair reason, but don't follow the correct procedure, it'll be unfair dismissal!
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Unfair dismissal is when you can't prove these two things. 
1. You dismissed for a fair reason:
  • Related to the employees conduct, capacity or performance; or
  • Based on your operational requirements.
2. You dismissed according to fair procedure
Fair reason and procedure are determined on a case-by case basis. There are no fixed definitions. To dismiss fairly you need to consider all the relevant factors and take into account all the circumstances of the case.
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Don't get taken to the CCMA for unfair dismissal!
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