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Eight ways to effectively deal with bullying in the workplace

by , 15 June 2016
Eight ways to effectively deal with bullying in the workplaceYou must deal with bullying in the workplace. If you overlook it, productivity will be affected and you'll lose key staff members.

Don't take that risk. Because the biggest problem with bullying and harassment is that companies often do very little about it.

First, let's find out why employees don't report bullying, and then we'll look at eight ways to effectively deal with bullying in your workplace.

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Why do so many employees not report bullying?

Firstly, employees don't like to speak openly speak about it. Secondly, it's often senior people doing the bullying, so nobody points this out, and  so nobody takes action.
What's more…Bullies are often manipulative and charming to the more senior managers. And that's why it goes unnoticed by management for so long.
Luckily you can avoid this in your company. The reality is that once you expose the bullying, it will often stop. Having the spotlight on them is the most effective tool for starting to deal with bullies.
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Use these eight methods to deal with bullying in your company

#1: Have an anti-bullying policy or organisational statement that defines what you won't tolerate in your business.
#2: Have clear procedures for victims of harassment to lay complaints when they feel they're victims of bullying or harassment.
#3: Conduct an awareness campaign that defines what you consider to be workplace bullying. It must also outline how you'll deal with incidences of bullying.
#4: Have an open environment by giving employees the chance to raise concerns about behaviour and bullying in the workplace.
#5: Take immediate action to investigate claims of bullying or other forms of harassment.
#6: Include bullying and other forms of harassment in your Code of Conduct. In addition, make employees aware of the sanctions you'll impose on bullies if you discipline them.
#7: Create mentoring opportunities for managers to create awareness of the impact of their actions.
#8: Include counselling in your Employee Assistance Programmes to support employees who have been targets of workplace bullying.
Don't turn a blind eye on bullying. Use these methods to deal with before it affects your company and employees.
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Eight ways to effectively deal with bullying in the workplace
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