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Five ways to handle staff conflict quickly and effectively

by , 18 November 2013
Your company isn't immune to conflict between employees. And unfortunately for you, conflict is a major of the productivity killer in the workplace. That's why you need to manage it quickly and effectively. Here are five tips you can use to do just that...

Contrary to the popular phrase 'ignorance is bliss,' it's not – especially if you're the manager of two workers who genuinely don't get along, says Profiles International.

The site adds, 'when two employees hate each other, their animosity can turn a healthy working environment into a cancer ward.'

So how do you manage this 'cancer' and prevent it from affecting productivity?

Use these five tips to manage conflict between employees

When employees launch into a hostile argument implement these tasks immediately, says 144 Smart Strategies for Managers.

#1: Hold interviews. Question everyone involved, including any witnesses. Ask open-ended question and record everything. This'll help you to get a full understanding of what actually happened.

#2: Don't focus on emotions. Focus on facts, don't allow employees to give their opinions.

#3: Confront contradictions. When stories don't match ask the people involved why their accounts didn't match. Don't settle until you have one account that everyone involved agrees on.

#4: Record everything. Keep detailed records of what everyone said in the interviews, and ensure that your employee signs a written transcript of their account to ensure accuracy.

#5: Take action. Ensure you discipline all offenders.

If you don't follow up and take action after conducting the interviews, you'll create an atmosphere of cynicism in the workplace and send a message to your team that hostility won't go unchecked.

Conflict between staff can be destructive if you don't manage it effectively. Don't take that risk. Use these tips to handle staff conflict quickly and effectively.

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Five ways to handle staff conflict quickly and effectively
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