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How to deal with negligence in the workplace PROPERLY

by , 17 August 2015
Your employees have an obligation to you. In working for you, they offer their skills and services to you. But they are also expected to carry out their duties with diligence and attention. But this isn't always the case! Negligence refers to an employee's conduct or his failure to act despite him being fully aware of the expectations laid upon him. Gross negligence, on the other hand, is continued negligence despite multiple warnings by you.

Such behaviour can be detrimental to your company, but how do you deal with it?

Here is some advice on what sanctions you should apply to negligent behaviour...


It's considered less serious than gross negligence. It results in very little or no actual loss to the company through your employee's act or failure to act. Even if the loss is serious, the employee could not have comprehended the severity of his actions.

For his first incident, you can give him a warning, for his second a final written warning and for his third you can dismiss him.

Gross negligence:   

This can be seen as a complete failure by the employee to carry out his duties with diligence and care, resulting in a significant loss to you r company. It is worth noting that senior employees will carry a lot more responsibility and so their negligence could easily bear a lot more weight. 

For a first incident in this situation, a dismissal is called for unless certain factors such as length of service, clean disciplinary record and remorse can be brought forward, resulting in a final written warning. 


You can fire that problem employee! 

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So there you have it – some very practical advice on addressing negligence. But don't stop there because there is still a lot more where that came from. 

So click here and gain access to all there is to know about negligence in the workplace as well as many other labour law issues. 

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How to deal with negligence in the workplace PROPERLY
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