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If an 81 year old farmer can fight theft in the workplace, so can you

by , 05 August 2013
The world knows South Africa for its high crime rates. But you don't have to feel helpless. Take the recent story of anelderly Port Elizabeth farmer who didn't take a robbery lying down. He fought back against an 18 year old thief, stabbing him in the arm. You can take that 'can-do' attitude (minus the stabbing, of course) and apply it to your own business with these top tips to combat theft at work.

An 81 year old farmer has made the news today for fighting off a young and spritely robber on his farm in Port Elizabeth, reports News24.

The farmer apprehended the would-be robber on his farm in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape on Saturday. After a struggle, the elderly farmer stabbed the 18 year old in the arm and called the police.

Combating theft in your workplace doesn't have to be quite as newsworthy. Simply follow these tips from Labour Law for Managers

How to combat theft in the workplace
  1. Prevention is the best cure. When you interview people, ask if they have a criminal record. This simple question can save you so much time and grief down the line.
  2. Shrinkage refers to workers stealing company stock.  Stock theft takes down many businesses, but it doesn't have to take yours down. If shrinkage is a problem, install security cameras in your stock area without the employees' knowledge. Review the footage yourself and take disciplinary action against anyone who steals stock.
  3. As long as you follow the correct disciplinary and dismissal procedures, you can dismiss an employee for stealing. Theft is a serious offence, even if the items stolen aren't highly valuable. There's one case on record where Woolworths dismissed an employee for taking a R6.95 packet of marshmallows from the stock room.

With these tips in mind, any potential thieves in your business won't even see their justice coming – much like that unsuspecting robber in Port Elizabeth!

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If an 81 year old farmer can fight theft in the workplace, so can you
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