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If your disciplinary code doesn't have these five things, it's not effective

by , 25 August 2014
Many employers have disciplinary codes to control misconduct in the workplace, but the problem is their codes aren't effective. They're missing certain things. As a result, these employers fail miserably when dealing with misconduct and some even end up at the CCMA for unfair labour practices.

Don't let this happen to you. NEVER leave these five things out of your disciplinary code if you want to ensure it's effective.

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Your disciplinary code isn't effective if it doesn't have these five things 

A disciplinary code that doesn't have the necessary documentation in place isn't effective.

If you don't have the right documents, you'll run into all sorts of problems, for example:

  • You won't use the correct charge sheets;

  • You'll issue verbal and written warning incorrectly;

  • Your suspensions won't be fair; and

  • Your disciplinary hearings won't be legally compliant.

As you can see, not having the necessary documentation means you'll have labour disputes coming your way.

So what do we mean by 'necessary documentation'? 'What kind of documents must you have in your code'?

Experts behind the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service say your disciplinary code must provide:

  1. Pro-forma charge sheets;


  1. Suspension notices and disciplinary enquiry notices;


  1. Documents to record an oral or verbal warning, a written warning and a final written warning;


  1. A procedural checklist for chairpersons of disciplinary enquiries; and


  1. A pro-forma letter of dismissal, where applicable.


There you have it: If you want your disciplinary code to be effective, make sure it contains the right documents.

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If your disciplinary code doesn't have these five things, it's not effective
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