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Include these five points in your disciplinary policy to ensure it's effective

by , 29 September 2014
You need a disciplinary policy in your workplace.

A disciplinary policy sets out the procedures and rules you'll follow when disciplining employees. And it ensures that while dealing with discipline, you stick to your obligations to be fair and avoid the risk of disputes.

To ensure your disciplinary policy is effective and achieves its objectives, make sure it includes these five points...

Five points to include in your disciplinary policy

For practical purposes and to make sure you stick to the requirements of procedural fairness, include a guideline for the procedure that will take place leading up to and during disciplinary hearings in your disciplinary policy.

Here are some of the points to include:

Point #1: If a disciplinary enquiry takes place, the company will give the employee reasonable written notice of the hearing. The employee will have an opportunity to effectively prepare.

Point #2: The notification of the disciplinary enquiry will ensure the employee has a description of the allegations of misconduct in a form and language he understands.

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Point #3: A supervisor, manager or other appropriate senior person within the Company may chair a disciplinary enquiry. The Company may also appoint an external chairperson.

Point #4: If an employee doesn't attend his/her disciplinary enquiry, the enquiry will proceed in the employee's absence unless, prior to the date and time of the disciplinary enquiry, the employee gives the company an acceptable reason for his/her failure to attend the disciplinary enquiry and is given a postponement of the disciplinary enquiry.

Point #5: As a general rule, the company won't allow external representation at a disciplinary enquiry as it's an internal process.

Your disciplinary policy will be effective if it includes these five points. For more points to include, check out the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

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Include these five points in your disciplinary policy to ensure it's effective
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