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Is a disciplinary hearing really necessary? Do this one thing to decide

by , 14 August 2014
The general rule is, if your employee commits misconduct, you must conduct a disciplinary hearing.

But holding a hearing isn't a minor issue. It has the potential to affect your employee's career and it'll affect your relationship with your employee. It's for these reasons that you must carefully consider if it's really necessary to hold a formal disciplinary hearing when your employee does something wrong.

But how do you go about doing this?

Do THIS one thing if you want to decide if a disciplinary hearing is necessary.

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Here's how to decide if a disciplinary hearing is necessary

The one thing you must do to decide if a disciplinary hearing is necessary is to: Investigate the allegations thoroughly. This will tell you if:

  • There's any validity in the allegations;
  • You have enough evidence to prove the charges; and
  • The charges are serious enough to merit a disciplinary hearing. If not, you might decide to drop the matter or deal with it through a counselling session or a warning.

Investigating the allegations thoroughly will also:

  • Provide a solid foundation for your pre-hearing preparation;
  • Help you avoid your embarrassment and the employee's resentment resulting from bringing an invalid or weak case to the disciplinary hearing;
  • Provide the information on which you can formulate the charge(s);
  • Allow you to bring all existing evidence to the disciplinary hearing; and
  • Enable you to convince the presiding officer (Chairperson of the hearing), via solid evidence, that the employee is guilty.

If your employee does something wrong, don't jump into holding a formal disciplinary hearing. Do an investigation first to decide if it's necessary. And always remember that a disciplinary hearing is necessary when dismissal could be an outcome – you must do an investigation to be sure of this.

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Is a disciplinary hearing really necessary? Do this one thing to decide
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