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Put a workforce plan in place to prevent panic when key staff members resign

by , 15 February 2013
There've been a number of high-profile resignations this week. While most companies have succession planning in place so that any gaps are filled before they affect productivity, your business needs to think of the bigger picture so that you can improve yourfuture recruitment strategy so you hire the people that will help your business meet its needs. Read on to discover how a workforce plan can help you achieve this.

Mamphela Ramphele is the latest to join the pope in the ranks of the 'recently resigned'.
Ramphele served as a director on the boards of Anglo American, Remgro and Gold Fields, reports the TimesLive.
These companies are already in turmoil as the mining industry has faced a number of hits in the last few months, based on strikes and labour issues.
They're scrambling to replace Ramphele as fast as possible to avoid her resignation from affecting productivity.
Luckily, you can act now to avoid similar panic if your top man resigns.
In addition to a succession plan for each position in your company, you need to make sure you have a workforce plan in place.
This way, there'll be logical successors to key positions, says the Labour Bulletin.
So if a key staff member resigns, you'll know exactly who to put in their place so that the resignation doesn'taffect productivity.
A workforce plan will also help you withfuture recruitment
With a workforce plan in place, you'll have a good idea of where your business is going and what needs and skills you'll need to meet going forward, which means you can plan ahead and recruit, develop and train staff to build the workforce of the future.
Workforce planning also helps ensure 'you have the right people with the right skills at the right time and cost, so you can execute successfully on your business strategy now and in the future,' says the SuccessFactors website.
Don't wait until key staff members resign before putting a workforce plan in place
All you have to do is put together a document that aligns your business's needs with the employees you need.
So if your business wants to go after government tenders, you'll need to make sure your workforce is made up of the right staff members to achieve the required BEE rating, suggests the Labour Bulletin.
Proper workforce planning results in improved short- and long-term recruiting, succession planning, learning, development, performanceand other workforce initiatives.So put your workforce planning in place today!

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Put a workforce plan in place to prevent panic when key staff members resign
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