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Stop! Before you fire that poor performer

by , 19 September 2016
Stop! Before you fire that poor performerDo you have an employee whose work just isn't up to scratch? You know the one... Always missing deadlines, and when he does meet them, the work is inevitably wrong anyway!

I'm sure you're about ready to show him the door. But it isn't as simple as that! Make sure you use these three phases to counsel the employee properly, so you don't land up with an unfair dismissal case on your hands...

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10 Essential steps to dismissing for poor performance - have you covered all your bases?

In today's competitive environment you can't afford to have employees whose performance isn't up to scratch. Poor performers can cost your business a packet, and not just because of the mistakes they make. It inevitably takes up a lot of your management time to deal with them. In fact, 20% of your employees, your worst performers will take up about 80% of your time.

Find out how to deal effectively with poor performers so you get them performing how you need them to. If you have to fire them, follow the correct procedure so you don't end up on the losing side at the CCMA…

Three phases to counsel an employee before you show him the door

Counselling is a private session that takes place between you and your employee. It's the first step when trying to dismiss a poor performing employee and where you discuss the issues you have with his performance…
Phase #1: Prepare and conduct the counselling session
Schedule a meeting. Inform your employee in writing of the agenda for the meeting. Try do this at least 48 hours in advance. Explain that it isn't a disciplinary hearing, but he can bring a representative if he needs to.
This is where you'll discuss the problems you have with his performance and come up with solutions for him to improve. You'll also set deadlines etc. on when he needs to improve by.
Phase #2: Monitor and evaluate improvement
Give your employee a practical chance to improve his performance. He must have reasonable time to implement the actions you agree during the counselling session. Reasonable time will depend on the situation, so just make sure you're being fair. Use this time, to monitor his performance and behaviour. Schedule regular meetings with him. This can be either formal or informal. And take corrective action to help him to achieve the desired output.

Keep reading for the next phase….
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Three phases to counsel an employee before you show him the door continued…

Phase #3: Terminate or escalate the process
If he hasn't made progress, after a reasonable amount of time, you must start either:
-          An incapacity process - this will be for his inability to cope with the demands of the job; Or
-          A disciplinary hearing for an unwillingness to do the job.
In line with labour laws on progressive discipline you must monitor if your employee's performance levels are still unacceptable and you have to now take this further. This is despite your compliance with the first two steps of this procedure.
You can find a comprehensive guide to Poor Performing Employees in our Labour Law for Managers handbook.
It includes:
·         Your 10 obligations to poor performing employees;
·         How to set performance standards;
·         How to evaluate your employee against your standards;
·         When you can dismiss an employee for poor performance;
·         Probation and how to use a probationary period for poor performance;
·         And so much more.
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P.S.  With over 70 changes made to the BCEA, EEA and Labour Relations Act recently... As YOU read this... Your company could be hurtling towards a CRIPPLING LABOUR DISPUTE! Don't let this happen to you…

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Cliff C 2017-02-04 15:02:37

I am a man aged 27 and employed by Robinson Liquors @ Kwiki-Spar Green Point as a perishables
department supervisor where's I work alone in this department.My case goes like this...On the 2cnd
of January 2017 I approached my manager to notifying him that I would like to take leave on the
28th and 29th of January 2017 for I will be attending a special religious ceremony at Durban
Of which he agreed with me and assured that there would be no problem with that for he will
make a plan for someone to work on my department.However a week later on 9th of
January 2017 i approached him again to remind him of the dates which were getting closer
and he re-assured me that I can go ahead and make necessary arrangements prior to the dates
that I had asked him He however said he would also need to tell his other senior manager that he
had allowed you the off on the days in question. Based on his words I booked my flight to Durban for
the ceremony n also payed for my accommodation . Aswell as registering for participation during the
religious ceremony.
On the 25th of January 2017 after I had already finished all my preparations for leave for Durban on the
28th of January 2017 i notified again for the 4th time to the same manager that I had finished preparing
for my trip and on the dates in question I will be leaving and he then say he will now tell his
manager about it and will come back to me the next day .On the 26th my manager came back and called
me to tell me that the senior manager had refused that I should take off on the days that I had asked he further
clarified that he had agreed that I should go but the senior manager deliberately denied the off which was only a
day away.I asked him if he can print me a leave form so that I can apply the leave in writing he refused to print for
me stating that even if he prints the leave form there would be no one who would sign it and that will be wasting
Company stationery.
On the same note I was supposed to have taken off on the Saturday which I was meant to travel and had only asked for Sunday off
Inclusive but immediately I was told I would no longer take on the Saturday either because it was against company policies so instead
I had to take off the following day which was a Thursday .Since it was not on a written timetable I assumed the new rule would be effective
as of the next week after my off so I came to work on the Thursday.After having worked finished up every task on that day with only 3hours
left to complete my day the manager called and told me that I should clock out and take my off on that day for it was against company
Policy for a person to come to work during their off day.i complied and went home . Friday the 27th I gave final verbal notice that I would not
Be be able to attend work on the Saturday n Saturday and gave full reasons which they all were informed about a month period.However Mr Russell
Said okay I will see what I can do safe trip .And he asked Geoffrey one of the empoyes to come in the morning and work on my department for the
Saturday and Sunday.
When I came back to work on the 30th January 2017 the Senior Manager promised that he would deal with me accordingly.and 2 days later on the 2scnd
of Feb I received a letter of suspension siting that I had committed gross insurbodination .I am currently on the suspension until the 10th of Feb 2017 and
been ordered that I could not return to work until the determination of the hearing.

I need help to deal with this issue and bring about justice to the matter if I am wrong that I should suffer the consequences of my actions but if the company
is wrong that they should learn to treat people right next time so that they won't be any other victims of this injustice practice.
0624935025 or email cliffchena@gmail.com for your advise.
Thank you

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