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Term of the day: Discipline

by , 08 August 2013
Discipline: The maintenance of proper conduct and work performance in the workplace via a system of clearly defined rules and standards.

You CAN fire that problem employee!

In only 30 minutes, you can gain the knowledge and power you need to legally dismiss problem employees without being taken to the CCMA

Dear Manager,

How do you get rid of that bad apple?

You know the one – that employee who's dragging your whole team down. The one everyone is fed up with for having to pick up extra work because he clearly still has no clue how to do his job.

You've spent hours and hours going through the necessary performance management steps. But now comes the tricky part.

How do you fire him?

What reason do you give for firing him?

Never worry about the CCMA again!

There are only three ways to dismiss someone fairly…

  1. Conduct of the employee;

  2. Capacity of the employee (his ability to do his job); and

  3. Operational requirements of your business (retrenchment).

But even if you dismiss someone for a fair reason, but don't follow the correct procedure, the CCMA will still deem it unfair!

Today I'll show you how to fire him – legally so you'll never have to worry about the CCMA again.         

Don't lose at the CCMA because of a technicality!

With You're fired!' Your guide to substantively and procedurally fair dismissals you'll know how you can dismiss your employees 100% legally. What's more, your case will be watertight and will hold up at the CCMA.

And since we all know the law's on the employee's side, you need to know all the tricks in the book so you can have a solid defence for saying good-bye to that slacker!

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Term of the day: Discipline
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