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There's only ONE way to control misconduct

by , 18 August 2014
Misconduct describes bad behaviour. And we're certain you've seen your fair share of 'employees behaving badly'.

The good news is you don't have to put up with bad behaviour in the workplace. There's absolutely no reason for you to let your employee's behaviour drain your time and resources.

But how can you control misconduct in a manner that won't land you at the CCMA?

Read on to find out your one and only option so you can deal with misconduct effectively.

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THIS is the only way to control misconduct

The only way to control misconduct is to have: A disciplinary code.

Experts behind the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service say you can't control this bad behaviour (misconduct) if you don't manage discipline in your workplace.

They say you must have a disciplinary code in place as this gives your employees an outline of how they must conduct themselves and behave at work, or face disciplinary action.

You have a right to expect acceptable conduct and satisfactory performance from employees.

That said, your employee has a right to fair treatment.

So even if he commits misconduct, you must handle the matter in a fair manner.

If you just dismiss him, you could find yourself before the CCMA where you'll have to justify your decision. But having a disciplinary code ensures you follow the right procedure when dealing with misconduct.

Now you see the importance of a disciplinary code? If you don't have one in place already, draw one up immediately so you can deal with misconduct effectively – it's the only way.

PS: If you need guidelines on how to draw up your disciplinary code, the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service has got you covered – it contains 12 guidelines, explains what constitute misconduct and so much more, so check it out.


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There's only ONE way to control misconduct
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